2020, let's do this. 2

2020, let’s do this.

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I am a work in progress. My goals are and have been set for a while now. I aim to continue towards being the person I have committed to becoming.

We have not discussed family actions for 2020. This should have been completed, but we are behind, as usual.

I encourage you to explore yourself and your goals for the upcoming year. Make this the year you stop only setting goals, but achieving them as well. If you fail, so what?

If you’re like me, you’ve procrastinated more than you should and more times than you can count. Let’s make this the season we do things differently.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start and finish something for a change?

Here is to all my like bodies who know what I’m talking about. Cheers to you.

We can make a difference this year. What do they say..? Be the change?

Be the change you want to see in the world. It starts with you.

Your life is what it is because of your actions.

When this time comes next year, let’s think back with pride for taking a new direction.

Theres only one thing we need to do to make this year successful:


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