Oh no, baby's crying! 1

Oh no, baby’s crying!

Waterworks for real, y’all.

First, let me start by saying that there will be times when I share little tidbits of my life because I like swapping mom stories.  There’s nothing more to it. You know how sometimes you just want to talk to someone? Maybe you just need a listening ear, but not really seeking advice or negativity?  I would like us to be able to share mom life with each other in a judgement free zone. 

That being said…. 

Has your baby ever done something that completely melts your heart?

Oh no, baby's crying! 2

Let me share a little story:

My twins were all out bawling.  Like, really, I could not get them to settle down.  When they start wailing together, the sound is deafening.  My little toddler gets upset by the noise and likes for one of us to hold and soothe him.

Usually, when one of the twins is crying, I’ll say to DJ, “Oh no, baby’s crying,” then I will pick him/her up to hold, hug, and smother with loud, funny kisses until calm. 

So, the other night, both babies are crying, then DJ starts crying.  I’ve got three babies yelling and I’m alternating holding each baby while trying to talk to DJ in a soothing voice to get him to calm down.  He continues sobbing, snotty nose, and everything.

I pick up Buttabean, my little 16 lbs 5 month old,  place him on one hip then I pick up DJ, my 27 pound little toddler 2 year old, and put him on the other.  Jellybean is not backing down either. She’s crying as loud as she can in the crib.

Now, DJ is pushing Buttabean away while saying, “NO.”  He’s telling me he doesn’t want me holding both of them – he’s the only one he wants me to hold.

I want to make sure all my babies are okay, but I believe that DJ is the most cognizant of all three at his age and will definitely remember if his Mom continued to let him cry.  I make the decision to let the twins fuss for a few moments and I will try to get DJ to stop crying. I am making the motion to place Buttabean in his crib. 

Now, DJ has big banana tears falling from his eyes. He’s pulling at my gown and my arms. He wants me to hold and kiss him.

So…as I am putting Buttabean down I hear, “Oh no, ME crying…”

<sigh> Y’all.

You gotta understand.  

  • This is a boy who doesn’t recognize his own name.
  • This is a boy who is just learning to really speak.
  • His speech therapist had just told me a few days earlier that she thinks he doesn’t even understand what “Me” means.  

Yet, he knew to replace ‘baby” with ‘me.”

When he said, “Oh no, me crying,” with those watermelon tears rolling down his cheeks, my heart turned to goo.  It’s those moments when I experience a burst of love at the level that I love my kiddos that sends shockwaves throughout my body.  I am still in awe of the amount of love I feel for them.

Have you ever felt surprised by the love you have for your child?  

Thanks for listening.  That is all.

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Oh no, baby's crying! 3

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