9 Aromatherapy scents that help Moms get it together 2

9 Aromatherapy scents that help Moms get it together

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9 Aromatherapy scents that help Moms get it together 3

Aromatherapy is a known method used widely for stress relief and curing anxiety. Because the human olfactory senses are scientifically proven to be extremely potent, fragrances grab your attention and affect your brain activity. Every scent has its own unique aroma and a way to stir emotions inside your mind. Here, we explore a few scents that help you get it together and are proven to be helpful to improve your emotional state.  

How to use Aromatherapy scents in different emotional situations  

Scents that help to calm down Anger

9 Aromatherapy scents that help Moms get it together 4

There are a number of ways aromatherapy can help you manage your anger and calm you down. These scents reduce the raging adrenaline levels in your system and enhance serotonin production in the bloodstream. We’ve had moments when I need to take a break in my steady space (that’s what I call my alone area, a.k.a my closet). I use a combination of essential oils and candles to bring me back to a relaxed state of mind.


Being used for thousands of years, Lavender is one of the oldest essential oils to tackle anger issues, relaxing the muscles and helping with headaches and inflammations. It also enables you to have a steady heart rate which is necessary to tone down anger.

Roman Chamomile:

The calming aroma of the Roman Chamomile helps reduce stress, insomnia and promotes the working of digestive and nervous systems. It acts as an antioxidant and supports mental healing in the body to help it recover from the emotional damage of anger.

Scents that help to relieve anxiety

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Aromatherapy has been in use since times ancient and old to promote calmness and relaxation. It works by stimulating special parts of our brain to ease anxiety.  I focus on calming myself by using breathing techniques that help me focus when I’m feeling particularly anxious. After I’m in a stable state, I deal with the task at hand instead of letting my emotions get the best of me.

Sweet orange:

As fresh and full of energy the smell and aromas of oranges are, studies have shown orange essential oils to induce a significant reduction in anxiety and PTSD.  


One of the most ancient scents that facilitates healing and promotes mindfulness, the Myrrh essential oil brings clarity of mind. It reduces brain strain and deepens your breathing to slow your heart rate down, effectively suppressing your anxiety.


Vanilla and its soothing scent work to reduce hyperactivity and restlessness by releasing its organic sedative effects on your mind and body.

Scents that help to improve memory

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Haven’t you ever smelled something – like hot, fresh cinnamon rolls baking- and recalled a happy time in your life, just from a scent? It’s a medical finding that aromas of certain scents offer some of the most powerful memory triggers. They profoundly improve thinking and boost both your focus and your ability to recall things. 


A commonly used floral oil that helps calm the nerves, inspire confidence and an energy revitalization that helps your brain to retain memory.


The stimulating properties of the Rosemary improves memory retention and helps the body fight mental exhaustion, headaches and migraines. 

Scents that help to ease depression

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Our emotional stability is in jeopardy when there are things around us we can’t control, like a crying baby. Or, two crying babies if you have twins, like me! Post pregnancy can be a rough time for new moms; your hormones help nourish your mental health. The aromatic properties of organic compounds present in essential oils stimulate the activity of brain cells and aid in producing well-being hormones like serotonin, endorphin and dopamine.

Ylang Ylang:

One of the most well-known antidepressants available, Ylang Ylang has sedative properties that can be very powerful. It excels in regulating the heart rate and induce feelings of euphoria that have a very positive impact on emotions.


Inhaling the aroma of Lemon whether through a diffuser or directly from the citrus fruit can drastically improve one’s mood. It is known to reduce anxiety levels and ease depression.


Take time for yourself. Through self care and consideration are we able to keep ourselves healthy and happy. Use these scents to help you get back on track to feeling better.

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