It’s an Orange FFS

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It’s an Orange FFS


D works so hard on my fucking nerves, sometimes. Let me tell you why.

It's an Orange FFS 1

Firstborn tends to mimic our words and tone for most of the things we say. It’s important to me that he articulates and pronounces words correctly because once he hears it the first time, that’s it. It’s as if the word is now embedded in his brain and no amount of correcting will change how he says it. My husband, D, acts as if he doesn’t know or understand this.

I’ve got a lot of work to do on myself.  I do my best to enunciate and research the correct way to say something if I think I may be wrong. Sometimes I am grammatically incorrect. Sometimes I may be off a bit, but when I think I am, I have no trouble asking for help or correction. 

Orange. With an “O,” right?  Yet, somehow, D manages to omit the O completely. ErRenGe.

“Arenge.” Why? 

If you mispronounce things, fine. But, if I correct you and you say, “That’s what I said,” when clearly thats not what you fucking said, it bugs the shit out of me. 

I don’t want to correct you. In fact, there are so many things that you say wrong that I have to tune out what you’re saying in order for me to get through a conversation with you.  It irritates me when I have explained to you numerous times that our son picks up words easily so we must make a conscious effort to say things correctly. 

Maybe you don’t hear the same things I hear.  To your ear, saying “errenge” or “you was” may sound correct.  

What happened?

I don’t ever remember you speaking like this as we were growing up.  There’s no way I would have let your language assault my ears for 25 years.  When did you start hearing that it was acceptable to say “you was?” When did it become okay to mispronounce something then say “whatever” if someone is telling you how to pronounce it correctly?

I don’t understand why we can’t support each other with this. My heart will ache on the day our son says something like “Is you going to the lake?”

Why is speaking correctly so taboo and unimportant to you?

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