5 Most Important Items for Newborn Twins 1

5 Most Important Items for Newborn Twins

New mamas out there, I’m going to save you a whole lot of headaches.  This list is comprised of 5 most important baby items for newborns I think all moms need, especially those with twins.  I’m glad I found out about most of these during my first pregnancy, otherwise I would’ve been up crap creek.  You won’t be sorry after you use these items, trust me.

5 Most Important Items for Newborn Twins:

5 Most Important Items for Newborn Twins
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1.   Boppy Original Newborn Lounger

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You’re probably saying to yourself, “Really, Dee? Are you really saying that a pillow is more important than all the other stuff you’ve stated?”  Well, my friend, yes that is exactly what I’m saying.   For my first baby shower someone went rogue and bought a gift that was not on my registry. That gift was the Boppy pillow.  

To this day I still think this was the single most important gift I received.

Fluffy breakthrough for newborn twins

In hindsight, I realize I had holes throughout my whole registry registering process. There were questions I hadn’t even considered. Where was I going to put the baby when I had to pee?  Was I going to hold her all day?  How was I going to sit him up while breastfeeding?  It had never occurred to me that I needed a place to hold the baby while I was doing non baby things.  Just look at it.  Its looks so fluffy and cozy that I wish there was an adult size.  This thing was a godsend for my baby.  I would sit him in it during the day and he slept practically all day in it.  Now I use them religiously with the twins.  

2. Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame 

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This stroller is so necessary and it was under $100.00! Perfect for me when all the other options I saw were $250 and over.  I haven’t transitioned to an SUV so I have limited space for baby items, let alone a two person stroller.  This stroller folds neatly and fits compactly in the trunk of my car.  Its lightweight so its easy for me to lift when I’m grabbing it in and out the trunk.  It has a nice and roomy area for bags and things underneath.  It also has two cup holders and a covered tray areas for little things like keys and such.

Made for newborn twins

What I like about this one is that I can take my baby’s out the car while they are still in their carriers and then quickly strap them into the stroller.   It only took a few minutes to put figure things out and put everything together. It is easy to maneuver  and doesn’t feel like I’m driving an 18 wheeler. I like that its fast for me to open because when I have all 3 kids, I don’t have time to waste fumbling with anything. We were looking for other options that would allow us to strap the car seats in, like a universal stroller, then transition to a toddler stroller as the twins got older.  Since money was tight, we decided with this option and we couldn’t be happier.  

3. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

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Imagine someone giving you a tight warm hug all night long. That’s what I imagine swaddling feels like.   This is also another gift I received by mistake. My mom, the thrift store enthusiast, bought my first swaddle by mistake. She didn’t know what it was for but she knew it was a baby item.   I had no idea either and had to google what it was  and how to use it.  We had been using a blanket to swaddle, but our little dude was good at busting out during the night.  

Twins snuggled up

Who knew that they actually made a swaddling thing that came pre swaddled?  You just slide your baby on in, fold the flap over their arms then  Velcro it to the other flap.  Instant baby burrito.   These are useful when I need to keep one twin occupied while I am handling the other. My mom was worried that the babies would feel trapped since their little arms are snugged in.  

After one night of almost cry free babies, she changed her mind real quick!

4. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray

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The babies needed a place to rest while sitting up as they got older.  I shopped around for the best sit upper thing.  Look, I was an only child and I didn’t have kids around me like other people.  As DJ got older I would think to myself, there has to be something that can sit him up and I would literally google something like ‘thing to sit baby in.”  Don’t judge me. I received plenty of results but settled on this chair.  First, isn’t the lion cute?

Instant audience of twins

I liked that it seemed to give a bit more support by cradling him than the other chairs.  It also has a wide base and I felt comfortable sitting it on the table with him inside while I did chores.  It’s sturdy and the cloth comes off easily for washing.  It also has a tray that I would put little snacks on and little squeaky footies at the base to keep him occupied. Now I put both the twins in and I narrate cooking for them while they roll their eyes watching me.

5. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original 

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Buttabean is a healthy 13lbs at 4 months old.  Sometimes its hard to maneuver when we have to hold him while doing other things.  In comes the carrier.  We use this to calm them down and when we need to use both our hands.  As usual, with our twins, one is either calm and happy while the other is screaming for attention.  If there’s only one of us then we need a way to be able to hold both at the same time if necessary.

Hugs for twins

The babies settle right down when we slip them in.  They are close to your chest so I suspect that they are comforted by our warmth as well as hearing our heart beat. There are little snaps at the top so I just unsnap those and turn his head sideways when I need to feed him.  Its also padded around the shoulders so its easy on my back, sides, and shoulders.  I was worried that I wouldn’t find something I thought would be secure enough but I was pleasantly surprised.  I feel like hes not going anywhere when I am wearing him.

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I have used every single one of these items.  In fact, I’m still currently using all of them with my twins.  These are things I use everyday that help me when I am taking care of all three kids. Believe me, these items kept my stress to a minimum, and I’m so thankful for the Moms who helped me when I didn’t know any better. If you have tried these pieces too, let me know what you think!

Worth every penny

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