You are my problem.

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You are my problem. 1
Photo by Lacie Slezak

Sometimes I think my life isn’t great. I try every day to make my life suck less than it did the day before. I’m beginning to notice a pattern, though.

How come you don’t stick to facts when we disagree about something ?

Why is it okay to bash me or gaslight just because you don’t agree with a me?

Why do you find it difficult to be more logical and less emotional during disagreements?

I realized that when I’m exhausted from dealing with you, it’s because I feel like I’m fighting a battle every time I’m speaking with you. We can’t move forward with making any progress on issues because nothing is based on facts or logic.

I’m tired of having to keep peace, calm you down, and try to get you to focus on what the real problem is.

I think if I didn’t have to interact with you, I’d be alright.

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You are my problem. 2

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